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Moody's Creditreform Rating
Fluvius System Operator A3 (stable) A+ (stable)


Fluvius's current rating an Moody's is A3 (stable outlook).

The latest Credit Opinion published by Moody's is dated 25 july 2019. This document can be consulted here.

The press releases on the latest rating action (switch of the rating outlook from positive to stable) can be found here and here.

Fluvius's rating history at Moody's:

October 2011 - March 2014: A1 (negative)

March 2014 - December 2014: A1 (stable)

December 2014 - December 2016: A1 (negative)

December 2016 - June 2018: A3 (stable)

June 2018 - July 2019: A3 (positive)

July 2019 - ...: A3 (stable)


Creditreform Rating

The current rating at Creditform Rating is A+ (stable outlook).

The most recent rating report on Fluvius issued bij Creditreform can be consulted here:

Our rating history at Creditreform Rating:

since January 2017: A+ (stable)

reaffirmed on 26 July 2019.