Ruling in legal proceedings

On 27 April 2021, the Antwerp Correctional Court handed down its judgment in the case concerning the explosion that occurred in Wilrijk (Antwerp) on 3 September 2019. Both Fluvius System Operator cv and two of its managers (the CEO and the Director Grid Operations) had to answer in court for their possible involvement in the causes of this explosion.

The judge acquitted Fluvius’s CEO and Director Grid Operations, because they were not personally at fault. However, the court did convict the company Fluvius System Operator with suspended sentence, despite the extensive defence and evidence presented by Fluvius during the proceedings in court.

Fluvius will now, in the first instance, study the verdict thoroughly and see what further steps, if any, are necessary.


On 3 September 2019, a gas explosion occurred in Wilrijk (Antwerp), resulting in one fatality. There were also several injured and considerable material damage..

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