Company profile

Fluvius System Operator cv is the independent company that is responsible for  

  • building, managing and maintaining the distribution grids for electricity and natural gas in all 300 Flemish municipalities
  • managing the public lighting in all 300 Flemish municipalities 
  • building, managing and maintaining the sewerage system in 86 Flemish municipalities
  • building district heating grids 
  • the duties of a social supplier of energy 
  • the promotion of the rational use of energy and water 
  • and supporting Flemish local authorities in their drive towards more energy efficiency and obtaining the climate objectives.

Fluvius System Operator cv performs these tasks on behalf and for the account of its shareholders, 11 (eleven) intermunicipal companies (‘intermunicipalities’): Fluvius Antwerp, Fluvius Limburg, Fluvius West, Gaselwest, Imewo, Intergem, Iveka, Iverlek, PBE, Riobra and Sibelgas.

Graph with percentage share per shareholder

Fluvius System Operator cv holds stakes in companies: Atrias (50%), De Stroomlijn (62.17%), Synductis (34.38%) and Wyre Holding (33.2%). Together, they form the Fluvius System Operator Group.

The Fluvius Economic Group comprises, the 11 aforementioned commissioning associations, (consolidated with) the companies of the Fluvius System Operator Group and a company Fluvius commissioning association (without participation).

Corporate structure Fluvius